Technology Penetrates Tradition

Experimental mix of acoustic and electronic music! On the 14 days informal congregation of 20 young talented musicians in Ohrid, Macedonia, organizers tried to squeeze the very best of talents and present it to international audience.

The traditional ways v.s. the advantages of technology, Technology Penetrates Tradition – NL/MK was the first of a series of projects that offered a platform for young people to promote and propagate their culture, learn about other cultures in Europe, propagate cultural diversity and create a network of intercultural dialogue.

The participants explored the differences in each others culture, the different way of life, different perceptions of the cultures surrounding them, embraced those differences and communicated with each other by creating and playing music.

Period: 9th – 23rd July 2009

Place: Various locations in Ohrid, Macedonia

Coaches: Gerard van Wolferen, Hans Timmermans, Marcel Wierckx, Slobodan Bajić and Katerina Pejoska

Coordinators: Katerina Pejoska & Aleksandar Velinovski


Laurens Joannes van der Wee
Martijn Jasper Duiven
Wesley Wai Win Wong
Sjoerd van den Sanden
Rutger Muller
Mark Ijzerman
Joost Spanjerberg
Robin Koek
Nolan Wessel Smeets
Augusto Meijer

Lejla Bekiri
Nikola Vaskov
Goran Petrovski
Irena Petrovska
Xhezire Aliti
Shkëlzen Pajaziti
Aleksandar Spasovski
Branislav Gerazov
Vladimir Krstevski
Ilija Volkan
This project was initiated by the Zoey Foundation for Arts and Culture.
For more information on the Zoey Foundation, please visit:

The pieces were performed in various cafe’s in Ohrid, and as a part of the ‘highlands of the lowlands’  filmfestival, again in Ohrid.
This filmfestival was part of the Ohrid summer festival.