Augusto Meijer is an electroacoustic music composer from the Netherlands.

He obtained a Master of Music degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts, after successfully completing the European Media Master of Arts degree. During these studies, he focused strongly on electroacoustic music, and various composition techniques.

His work is displayed at various international venues, including the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, International Computer Music Conferences, Glow Eindhoven and many more.

He has composed works for artists/collectives such as the Schreck Ensemble, Har Hollands (light-art), duo Tom Wolfs & Niek Kleinjan (instrumentalists), Jaap van den Elzen (light-art). This resulted in multidisciplinary art projects in which his recognizable electroacoustic sound creations play a key role.

His work is strongly and inevitably based on personal experiences and fascinations.

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