Blind date 2009

danceperformance by: Lucie Burton, Katrin Langner, Augusto Meijer

‘a Blind date 2009’ is an interdisciplinair project for modern dance, scenography and composition (electronic music).
The project is an intense collaboration between these 3 disciplines. In just 3 weeks, a dance performance is made and performed at the Codarts academy, in Rotterdam. The process was guided by  Beppie Blankert, Maarten Kastelijns, and Hans Timmermans.


Lucie Burton,  Tatiana Eranosyan, Katarzyna Sitarz, Benedit MacIsaac
Katrin Langner, Danielle Boer, Marieke Veenstra, Brechje Schoen
Augusto Meijer, Tanaquil Schuttel, Than van Nispen, Laurens van der Wee.