Rainforest Reverb 32-channel Sound Art Project

State Parking Garage A > 1401 San Jacinto Blvd
Fusebox Festival 2019

Rolling Ryot is a spatial sound art collective based in Austin, Texas.
The collective commissions compositions to activate sonic experiences.
They are known for “addressing the urgency of dealing with our vanishing natural soundscapes across the world.”

What is Rainforest Reverb?

“Rainforest Reverb is a large-scale, immersive, multichannel sound art experience. The Rolling Ryot team have designed a 3-dimensional sonic space that will be used to present a number of commissioned spatial sound compositions on a massive, 32-channel platform inside of a unique, five-story parking garage. Speakers are arranged throughout the space, inspired by sonic structures present within rainforests.”

Augusto Meijer is a selected composer for their large-scale sound art project Rainforest Reverb.

The participating composers for Rainforest Reverb are (selected from 40+ proposals):

– Max Eilbacher (Baltimore)

– Joaquin Jimenez-Sauma (Mexico)

– Augusto Meijer (Netherlands)

– George Rahi (Canada)

– Lyman Hardy (Austin)

– Adam Fangsrud / Sonya Gonzales (Austin)


Rolling Ryot official site
Rolling Ryot at Fusebox Festival
Rainforest Reverb at Fusebox Festival

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