“Utopia” @ Joint ICMC-SMC 2014 Conference


“Utopia” is an acousmatic composition journey that presents a brief momentum of colorfully structured sound fields, with the intention to boost an audience’s imagination into a temporary utopian mindset.

Prior to the creation of “Utopia” there have been a series of sound creation experiments. These experiments primarily involved “explorations” in the creation of complex sound fields. For example, a simplistic sound phrase is processed in such a structured way that it becomes a complex, layered sound field. Various relating sound fields have been generated this way, using similar sound sources. “Utopia” was created by organizing these resulting sound fields poetically.

Find out more about the ICMC-SMC 2014 Conference


Composer: Augusto Meijer

Commissioned by:
duo Niek Kleinjan – Tom Wolfs
Schreck Ensemble

This project is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

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