Hypercube @ Festival Op ‘t Eiland 2013

The Hypercube installation by Jaap van den Elzen & Augusto Meijer in collaboration with Oddstream is programmed at the “Festival Op ‘t Eiland 2013 (13-19 July 2013).


About Hypercube

-design: Jaap van den Elzen
-sound: Augusto Meijer
-in collaboration with Oddstream

Hypercube is an art installation in which the viewer is immersed in an audiovisual environment. The cube-shaped space of the Hypercube -surrounded by mirrors and dynamic lightlines- guarantees a stunning multi-sensory experience. Infinite reflections, lack of spatial reference, intense focus, disorientation and a distorted sense of time and space are key. Hypercube gives its own definition of how space can be experienced and adds a new dimension to one of the most cultivated building blocks known to mankind: the Cube.


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