HKU Spectrum #1: soundscape for art exhibition

HKU Spectrum is a project concept, concerning electroacoustic compositions from Utrecht School of the Arts, in collaboration with various art forms. This concept is founded by Konstantinos Vasilakos & Augusto Meijer.

HKU Spectrum in collaboration with Fine Arts: URBAN SPECTATOR 

Augusto has created a soundscape for a temporarily art exhibition in Hilversum: “Made in Hilversum”. The concept is to create a mixture of fine art pieces being enriched by electroacoustic sounds, played back in the space. The resulting exhibition is called Urban Spectator.

The soundscape consists of various electroacoustic works which are chained after each other.
Composers:  Olivier Schreuder, Arjen Jongeneel, Jannick Oeben, Augusto Meijer.

HKU Spectrum is on facebook

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