ISCM 2011 World new music days – dutch section selection

The dutch section of the ISCM organisation, has announced there national selection of dutch composers to be submidded for the ISCM 2011 world new music days. ‘Bioluminescence’, an electroacoustic composition by Augusto Meijer is one of six composers selected for submission. Unfortunately, Bioluminescence didn’t make it to the final International selection.

excerpt of ‘Bioluminescence’: click here

Composers selected by the dutch ISCM section:

Juan Felipe Waller (1971)                             Plato-Plastic Dialogues for percussion ensemble and electronics. (2010, 12’)

Marcel Wierckx (1970)                                  ZinTuig, for electric guitar and multimedia (2009, 5’30”)

Bart Spaan (1963)                                            Sur place: interior, electronic music (2010, 9’32”);

Augusto Meijer (1988)                                    Bioluminescence, electronic music (2010, 14’)

Peter Bosch/Simone Simons (1958)            Bang Spring Time Sound sculpture

About ISCM

The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is an important international network of members from around fifty countries, devoted to the promotion and presentation of contemporary music – the music of our time. ISCM has had a distinguished history. From its foundation in Salzburg in 1922, a receptiveness to aesthetic and stylistic diversity has been a characteristic of the Society. Today more than ever with the incredible diversity which exists in contemporary musical expression around the world, this ideal is still strongly supported by ISCM members.

Each year, ISCM presents the <!– –>World Music Days Festival<!– –> , hosted by one of ISCM’s members, which provides a feast of contemporary music across a broad range of contemporary practice. The host nation has some flexibility in determining the individual themes that drive the programming of the Festival, either presenting a showcase of activity from around the world, or applying other criteria for the selection and programming of works.

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