Winterslaap @ Klingt Gut! 2020/21

klingt gut! KLG 2020/215th International Symposium on Sonic Art and Spatial Audio

Back in 2020, I did a field-recording session in Park Hitland during the first intelligent lockdown period in the Netherlands. The recording was used to create a 12-minute minimalistic soundscape that is completely based on the field-recording. The result will be presented & discussed during a Live Zoom session called “Sound Art in the Time of Corona” at the Klingt Gut! 2020/21 Festival (12-15th May).

ECHO @ EVI Lichtungen 2020

Top Photo: Sara Foerster

Video by Ricardo Nunes

© EVI LICHTUNGEN | International Light Art Biannial Hildesheim | 23.-26.01.2020 | Curated by Klaus Wilhelm and Alice Hinrichs |

ECHO is an immersive, site-specific, audiovisual collaboration between a visual artist and a composer, which was developed especially for the St. Andrew’s Church in Hildesheim. ECHO explores the acoustic and architectural qualities of the church through a synergetic experience of sound and light. The reverberation in the main hall of the church is enormous and very intense; there is a natural delay of several seconds.

The electroacoustic composer Augusto Meijer uses these spatial qualities in a soundscape based on digitally modified samples of the church’s famous organ. His sounds wander and push through the main hall, where they overlap, reinforce or attenuate each other. Jaap van den Elzen uses these properties in his light landscape to create a dialogue, a (dis)harmony between sound and light.

Narrow beams of apparently massive light, moving in both horizontal and vertical directions, reflect through the space. They trace the architectural structure of the church to explore and reveal its beautiful spatial qualities in various patterns. From total chaos to hyper-structuring, the installation creates a distorted perception of space and time to become an immersive, multi-sensory environment in which visitors can linger.

Bilingual @ Festival Ecos Urbanos 2019

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL (From Ecos Urbanos).
The Electro-acoustic Music Festival Ecos Urbanos had its first edition on September 2015. It was organized by the composers and sound artists Eric Pérez Segura and Hugo Solís García and it was supported by Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Augusto Meijer – Bilingual

“Bilingual” is an electroacoustic composition project. The work is completely based on improvised raw vocal recordings by Jaap Blonk & Marie Guilleray. These recordings are the sole sound sources for the piece.
The vocal recordings have been extensily processed by using various classic and contemporary sound processing techniques by means of free experimentation & exploration.
As a result, Bilingual is a complex sound world that celebrates two unique vocal performers in a single fxed media performance.

World premiere – “Trilogy” for Violoncello, Sheng & Zheng

2019 Chengdu Xchange Concert at ZKM


The ZKM (Center for Art and Media) is a highly regarded cultural institution based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
The ZKM houses the “Klangdom” (Sound Dome), a 43.4 formatted 3D Audio concert environment founded by prof. Ludger Brümmer.

Chengdu Xchange concert

In the Chengdu Xchange project, 3 commissions were awarded to 3 different composers, each challenged to create a combination of eastern/western instruments with electronic (spatial) sound. The concert also featured works by prof. Ludger Brümmer, Xiao Hu amongst others.

Program Notes ”Trilogy” by Augusto Meijer

“Trilogy” is based around the sonic experimentation of raw recordings from important instruments from both the Western music culture and the Far East. The instruments include Violoncello, Guzheng and Sheng. Each instrument has its own role in the sonic experiment, which focuses on their original characteristics.

The combination of Western and Far-Eastern instruments into a single electroacoustic sound world is key to closing the gaps between musical cultures in this composition project.

Much focus is being put towards the creation of the multichannel fixed media work (for ZKM’s Sound Dome with optional adapted versions for other venues), which is ultimately combined into a performance that celebrates the original instrument characteristics throught live-improvisation.

“Trilogy” was premiered at the Chengdu Xchange concert in ZKM’s Kubus venue.

Commissioned by ZKM | Hertz-Lab

Rainforest Reverb 32-channel Sound Art Project

State Parking Garage A > 1401 San Jacinto Blvd
Fusebox Festival 2019

Rolling Ryot is a spatial sound art collective based in Austin, Texas.
The collective commissions compositions to activate sonic experiences.
They are known for “addressing the urgency of dealing with our vanishing natural soundscapes across the world.”

What is Rainforest Reverb?

“Rainforest Reverb is a large-scale, immersive, multichannel sound art experience. The Rolling Ryot team have designed a 3-dimensional sonic space that will be used to present a number of commissioned spatial sound compositions on a massive, 32-channel platform inside of a unique, five-story parking garage. Speakers are arranged throughout the space, inspired by sonic structures present within rainforests.”

Augusto Meijer is a selected composer for their large-scale sound art project Rainforest Reverb.

The participating composers for Rainforest Reverb are (selected from 40+ proposals):

– Max Eilbacher (Baltimore)

– Joaquin Jimenez-Sauma (Mexico)

– Augusto Meijer (Netherlands)

– George Rahi (Canada)

– Lyman Hardy (Austin)

– Adam Fangsrud / Sonya Gonzales (Austin)


Rolling Ryot official site
Rolling Ryot at Fusebox Festival
Rainforest Reverb at Fusebox Festival

Utopia @ WOCMAT 2018

My electroacoustic work “Utopia” was presented at WOCMAT 2018 on December 8th, 2018.

WOCMAT is the “International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology” and took place at the Institute of Music, National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.


WOCMAT has been developing for 14 years and has been focusing on promoting international exchanges in the fields of computer music and audio technology in order to achieve the academic goal of activating music and audio across multiple fields. WOCMAT 2018 is scheduled to be held on December 7th and December 8th, 2018.The seminar will hold two keynote lectures, four special lectures and six technical concerts. The main theme of the conference is “Trialogue among Music, Soundscape and Technology”. The topics of call for paper will include innovative interactive technology, soundscape research, computer music and audio technology; The categories of call for music will include computer-related music and soundscape composition. The selected papers and musical works will be presented at the conference. The Phil Winsor computer music competition will be also held during the conference. WOCMAT 2018 will also integrate the winning pieces concerts of 2018 petites formes Acousmatic Composition Competition co-organized by France, Taiwan and Japan as the extended activity of the conference.

Concert details:

Computer Music Concert
Acousmatic Music Concert II
12/8 (SAT)

International Conference Hall
B1 NCTU University Library

Prof. Sheng Hsien Liu

Full conference program

Wocmat2018 program